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City Of Heavenly Fire,Cassandra Clare.

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My friend phones me up and goes like, “Hey, I hear you’re going to be playing Patrick Stewart!” He didn’t say Charles Xavier, he didn’t say Professor X, he said I hear you’re going to be playing Patrick Stewart.

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Edoardo Leo e Stefano Fresi"Smetto quando voglio" (Sydney Sibilia, 2014).

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This makes me happy

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This photoset was worth 600 photos of kittens.

he looks like he gives really good, solid hugs. not some “oh i have to hug you, here you go, done” kinda crap. he hugs you. love it.

how to hug 101

I will never not reblog this.
I love his smile when he hugs people. Love it.

He closes his eyes and smiles when he hugs. That is all…

I could do with a Hiddleston hug right about now

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Michael Fassbender & Liam Cunningham, "Hunger" (Steve McQueen, 2008).


Michael Fassbender & Liam Cunningham"Hunger" (Steve McQueen, 2008).

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Hair porn

Actually, judging by beauty-spots on the neck, it’s the wrong side.

But still porn…

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Christoph Waltz photographed by Peter Lindbergh [x]

Sometimes, just sometimes, I just can’t even…

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